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Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet Bohemia

3 Important Facts about Gutters

By April 20, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

People tend to ignore their gutters all too often. What they fail to realize is that this system serves an important function. Gutter Helmet® Systems Long Island presents three important facts that you need to understand about your gutters. We also look at one lasting solution that helps you maximize their performance.

1. Their Biggest Weakness

Gutter guard systems in Bohemia, New York, counteract the problems that stem from the open nature of gutters. When left unchecked, exposure allows leaves and debris to build up in gutters, and that will eventually cause clogs. Gutter Helmet stops this process because it covers your gutter completely. The patented Nose Forward Design™ extends beyond the roof edge and allows nothing but water to enter its narrow 3/8-inch slit. Leaves and debris simply fall off or are blown away.

2. Their Strong Support

Particularly vulnerable for gutters are the fascia boards that hold them up. If fascia rots, it can cause your gutters to collapse. Gutter Helmet helps by covering up this vulnerable area completely. It then reinforces your gutter with premium engineered brackets made from reinforced aluminum alloy that is corrosion-resistant and load-bearing. Gutter Helmet is also protected by a textured, ribbed surface that adds to surface tension while maintaining a high tensile strength.

3. Their Effect on Aesthetics

Gutters can detract from the look of a home. Gutter Helmet deals with that by adding a streamlined design. Our gutter guard systems in Bohemia, New York, also feature colors designed to match the most popular roofing options today. In addition, Gutter Helmet is protected by a PermaLife™ finish that prevents color fade and corrosion.

Protect your gutters with the system that features more benefits for the right price. Get in touch with Gutter Helmet Systems Long Island today and we’ll be happy to provide you with more details.