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Worst Things That Can Happen With a Clogged Gutter

By June 1, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Keeping the gutter clean in good condition is one of the most important household tasks every homeowner should be on top of. The gutter is an essential component of our roofs that channels rainwater away from the home, protecting its walls, siding, fascia, landscaping, and foundation from water damage.

Common Problems

Leaving your gutters clogged can only lead to a lot of headaches down the road. You could lose a lot of your hard-earned money on repairs once water damage has made its way into your home. Aside from repair costs, if you have clogged or failing gutters, you would have to expect these other problems:

“waterfalls” pouring over your head every time you enter or exit your home on rainy days
stagnant water that attracts insects and other pests
the weight of the debris causes the gutter to sag and possibly fall off
ruined garden patches and landscaping
rust and rots on siding, doors, windows, fascia, soffit, and other parts of the house
flooding in the basement
potentially dangerous slippery walkways and paths around the house

The consequences of neglecting your gutter is overwhelming. If you don’t want to end up with these problems, you should tend to your gutters regularly.

Best Solution

However, cleaning and maintaining a gutter is a tiresome task to perform. It is also often nasty, as you’d have get your hands dirty scooping out all the debris and muck. In addition, cleaning it can be dangerous as it involves climbing up a ladder, which is always best to avoid whenever possible.

What’s a homeowner to do?

GH of Western NC, the top gutter guard company in Arden, North Carolina and surrounding areas, recommends Gutter Helmet®. We have been working with this revolutionary product for over 20 years—we can assure you that this highly efficient cover-type gutter protection ensures long-lasting performance, strength, and beauty.

Installing Gutter Helmet for your home gives you peace of mind like no other product can—with this cover-type protection mounted on your gutters you can rest assured they can never get clogged again. That means no more cleaning or costly maintenance ever! Learn more about this amazing product by giving us a call at (866) 514-0418 today.