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It’s important to keep your gutters functional all year round. However, the arrival of the colder months presents challenges that require your gutters to be in tip-top shape. Today’s article from gutter protection service company Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore shares tips on maintaining your gutters during winter.

Winter Gutter Maintenance Made Easy

Before It Snows

While the biting cold is far from the ideal temperature for performing gutter maintenance tasks, keep your gutters intact, clean and clog-free before snow falls. This gives your gutter system a better chance at withstanding the ice dams that might form overnight. Clean gutters are one less thing to worry about should ice dams end up forming on your eaves.

Clogged gutters already present risks even under ideal circumstances and weather. Imagine how much more perilous the situation could be if you neglect your gutters during a precarious period such as winter. As such, a foolproof way of keeping your gutters free of any debris is to install a gutter cover.

Secure the Fascia

Your fascia may suffer severe damage as ice expands. To avoid damage, secure the fascia boards with additional nails or hardware if needed. A repair or a replacement can also be considered depending on the severity of the damage.

Inspect Downspouts

To function optimally as a whole, your gutter system relies on other components such as the downspout. A functional downspout ensures water is diverted at least ten feet away from the foundation of your home. When the snow melts, make sure the water does not pool.

Dealing With Ice Dams

Ice dams may look pretty but beware of the damages they bring if left unattended. You can deal with them by using a roof rake to remove at least four feet of snow from the edges of the roof. Keep in mind that you should never get onto a roof with snow. A safer option would involve hiring a professional ice dam removal service.

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