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Winter may not be the ideal season for gutter installation, but the season offers certain advantages that you may find in your favor. Local gutter guard installer Mr. Fix-It™ shares a look at how gutters can be installed during the winter season.

The Challenges of Winter Gutter Installation

The bottom line is, yes, it is possible to install new gutters during winter. Most metals are resilient and can be shaped even in a cold environment. Winter gutter installation is not without its challenges, of course. Gutter installers who source their materials from far-off suppliers are less likely to be available. The good news is seamless gutter installers like us do not have these problems since we shape the gutter lengths on-site.

As the leading gutter guard installer in Ashland, we at Mr. Fix-It have the tools needed to finish a gutter installation from scratch. Since an entirely new gutter system will be installed, we can address structural issues and, thanks to the dry winter air, moisture intrusion is not a problem. You can also take this opportunity to have gutter guards such as Gutter Helmet® installed.

Advantages of Winter Gutter Installation

Late spring to early fall remains the ideal season for gutter installation. However, circumstances might prevent you from having it done in time. Maybe funding came in late, or perhaps you didn’t know you needed new gutters until the winter season began. Don’t let that discourage you. Winter installation has certain advantages:

  1. Gutter Contractors Are Not As Busy — If you have a specific contractor in mind, or perhaps a certain type of gutter system offered by a specific contractor, then you have better chances of hiring them off-season. You should nevertheless try to book them as early as you can, as many contractors shut down for the season.
  2. You’ll Probably Get a Good Deal — Contractors offer off-season promotions and discounts every once in a while to help pick up the slack.
  3. Your Home Will Be Ready for the Winter — New gutters in the winter gives you confidence in knowing that leaks during thaw will be the last thing you have to worry about. This also means you’ll probably won’t need to clean your gutters in the spring. Better yet, why not virtually eliminate the need to clean your gutters? With Gutter Helmet®, this is entirely possible.

MR. FIX-IT™ is your leading provider of Gutter Helmet®. Give us a call at (804) 459-1000 or fill out our contact form. We serve customers in Ashland, Virginia, and nearby areas.