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When a gutter system is well-maintained, it does its job of draining water away from your home. This prevents many problems all year, such as damage to fascia, soffits, siding and windows. It can also stop water from affecting the foundations of your home. Imagine all of the money you’re saving when you’re not repairing these things.

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Regular gutter cleaning or the use of the best gutter covers you can find in your area helps your gutters and downspouts perform their job. Leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris can accumulate and cause a clog in any weather, which is bad news for your gutter system and many other parts of your home. But it’s especially important to pay attention to your gutter system when winter sets in. During this time of the year, clogs don’t just lead to overflowing gutters. They also lead to frozen downspouts that can be even more problematic.

To care for your gutter system this winter, here are some tips you should follow:

Clear Your Gutters of Debris

Nobody enjoys cleaning their gutters, but somebody has to do it if you want to avoid dealing with a frozen downspout. Get a long-handled gutter brush so you can do a sweep of your gutters without having to get up on a ladder. However, since cleaning gutters isn’t without risks, it’s best to call a gutter cleaning service. 

Have your gutter system cleaned at least once a year, preferably before winter. Unless you have a clog during winter, it’s best not to do your cleaning when the snow is already falling.

Inspect Your Gutter System

Cracks and breaks are obvious signs that you may need to replace a gutter or a downspout. Leaks make your gutter system practically useless. Check the seams and anchors for stability. Your gutters should be attached to your house firmly, with no gaps. If there are problem areas, call a gutter professional. Check your fascia, soffits, foundation, and siding for problems, as well.

Check the Downspouts

If a downspout ends right next to your home, it’s just pooling water there, which will eventually lead to problems, including foundation damage. It’s important for downspouts to drain water at least ten feet away from your foundation. 

Install Gutter Covers

Gutter covers prevent debris from entering your gutters and downspouts, so you won’t have to deal with messy cleaning in the first place. No more clogged gutters and frozen downspouts in winter. One of the best gutter covers on the market today is Gutter Helmet®. Make sure to call a professional installer about this product, which features a unique design that collects water using the principle of surface tension.

Get in touch with Gutter Helmet of Minnesota. We will install your Gutter Helmet and you’ll never have to worry about gutter clogging issues in the middle of winter — or any season, for that matter. Call us today at (866) 200-5339 or contact us here. We’re ready to help you in Monticello, Minnesota.

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