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Will Gutter Helmet® Work with Your Existing Roof? | Gutter Helmet

By January 29, 2017October 17th, 2023No Comments

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Fed up with clogged gutters and the associated hassles? If you’re considering investing in a gutter protection system, but concerned it won’t be compatible with your existing roof, worry no more. Gutter Helmet® is the best gutter guards system on the market today, and it works with every style of roof, regardless of the material.

Here, we answer some of our customers’ most common questions about Gutter Helmet and how it works with various roof materials and styles.

1. Do I Really Need Gutter Protection for My Roof?

No matter what kind of roof you have, you need gutter protection. Gutter Helmet fortifies your roof against leaks by ensuring that your gutters do what they’re designed to do: channel water away from your home. Installed by our experienced technicians over your existing gutters, the product works by preventing debris from entering your gutters and clogging them. Clogged gutters lead to roof damage and leaks in your home—hassles no homeowner wants to face. No matter what kind of roof you have, Gutter Helmet can play a crucial role in protecting it from water damage.

2. What Type of Roof is Gutter Helmet® Compatible With?

From asphalt to metal to clay, Gutter Helmet is compatible with every material and style of roof. We are happy to provide letters from the manufacturer verifying that our product will work with your particular style of roof. Gutter Helmet is also designed to work smoothly with a wide range of gutter types, including oversized gutters. Our technicians have ample experience installing Gutter Helmet on a wide range of roof types and gutters, and will work with you to ensure you are satisfied.

3. Does Gutter Helmet® Work With Specialty Roofs?

Yes, and if you’ve installed specialty roofing like solar panels, it’s even more important to protect your investment with gutter screens. Gutter Helmet was first released onto the market more than 30 years ago, and since then it has gone through many developments to ensure its compatibility with every kind of roof, including specialty roofs.

4. Will Gutter Helmet® Void My Roofing Warranty?

No. At Gutter Helmet, we understand the expense that goes into a new roof, and we would never sell our customers a product that could undermine their roofing warranty. That’s why we collaborate with all the major roofing manufacturers – including CertainTeed, GAF and Owens Corning – in the development of our products and installation methods. We are pleased to assure our customers that Gutter Helmet is compatible with virtually every type of roofing warranty.

Not only does Gutter Helmet comply with your existing roof warranty, it also comes with its own lifetime warranty to give you even more peace of mind. Plus, if you ever sell your home, the warranty can be passed on to the new owner.

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