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Wild Weather: Preparing Your Home for Summer Storms – PART I In & Around Your Home

By April 10, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

Your house should be structurally sound and your entire yard secured to be well-prepared for the potentially destructive effects of summer storms. Here are the primary measures that you should take to make sure that your home can handle a summer storm’s beating.

In & Around Your Home

Trim Back Trees

Fallen branches are among the most common causes of structural damage during strong storms. This type of damage can also be expensive. Even though homeowners insurance policies generally cover tree removal and related damage, it may only pay between $500 and $1,000, leaving you with a big chunk of the bill.

If there are trees around your home, have a tree removal specialist or arborist check the condition of each: will it potentially break or be uprooted in the event of a severe storm? If you are not open to the idea of cutting a tree down entirely, have the professional check for branches that need to be removed instead.

Cleaning the Gutters

Gutter cleaning is an important home maintenance task that is very easy to neglect. Many people are not aware of the problems that can stem from not keeping their gutters clean and clear.

Although gutters are attached to the roof, their primary purpose is to protect your home’s siding, foundation and landscape from water damage and flooding. If you do not clean your gutters, chances are they will eventually become clogged by leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris. During a storm, this forces water to pour over the side of the house or seep underneath the roof instead of flowing toward the downspouts.

If gutter cleaning is not your thing and you find hiring someone to clean it for you an unnecessary expense, installing a quality gutter protection system can solve your dilemma. Read up on gutter guard reviews to know how these systems can make gutter cleaning a thing of the past.

Check for Cracks and Weak Spots

It is best to have a professional inspect your home for cracks in the walls and foundation. Water can get through those gaps and into your home, further weakening the foundation. What’s the worst that could happen if you don’t get those cracks sealed up? Basement flooding and, in the long run, extensive water damage and moisture-related problems.

Additionally, check that your windows and doors are adequately weatherproofed. You should also have your roof checked for leaks and damaged or missing shingles or tiles, as well as damaged flashings. Otherwise, wind-driven rain can easily seep through them and cause interior water damage.

Secure Your Yard    

Secure outdoor furniture and lawn ornaments so the wind doesn’t turn them into projectiles that smash into your siding and windows. Loose items such as toys and chairs should be kept indoors. Larger items like trampolines may be secured by ropes.

In the next blog, we’ll talk about what you can do to prepare for the worst-case scenarios that summer storms can bring.

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