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When it comes to gutter protection, some homeowners are usually content to skip the part where they install gutter guard systems. In their minds, this is an additional and unnecessary expense that can be foregone entirely. However, there are actually a few reasons why gutter protection is an important thing to have in your home, especially since it costs less than potential issues.

Replacing Your Roof

Without a gutter protection system in your home, debris can easily block your gutters and downspouts, and cause it to clog. The water that fails to leave the system can easily stay in the roofing system and can wreak havoc if left unattended. If left unchecked for a long period of time, it may make replacing the roof necessary, and doing so can cost anywhere from around $5,000 to $25,000.

Fixing a Flooded Basement

On the other hand, a poorly protected and poorly maintained gutter system can flood your basement as well, especially if your sump pump and waterproofing is faulty. If left unattended, the costs to repair this issue can rapidly pile up, starting from $7,000 (for a small flood) to a whopping $50,000 dollars (for a bigger flood.)

Mold Remediation

Excess moisture in your roofing system due to an unprotected gutter can encourage mold growth on the roof. While mold remediation can cost as low as $500, it’s not something that’s easily detected until the problem has reached severe stages. Once this happens, a mold remediation process can now cost anywhere from $2,700 to $3,200. With that in mind, invest in a gutter protection system as soon as possible to prevent any of the three issues from occurring in your home.

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