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Need new gutters? Make sure to vet your contractor carefully before hiring them to make sure your gutters are installed properly. We suggest limiting your search to local contractors. Here’s why.

Easier Vetting Process

Part of the vetting process involves making sure the contractor has a physical office location. With a local contractor, this is easy to verify. It’s also easier to check references when you go local.

Quality Workmanship and Personal Touch 

Home improvement projects are essentially collaborations between you and your contractor. That’s why it’s important that you choose a contractor that you can easily get along with. Having a cordial working relationship with your contractor can reduce the risk of miscommunication and help the project go a lot smoother. 

Another reason why you should hire a local contractor is the personalized service they provide. Since local contractors have a reputation to uphold in their community, they always strive to provide a high level of service. 

Familiarity With Local Building Codes and Climate 

Local contractors’ familiarity with your area’s building codes and climate is arguably the primary reason why you should hire them instead of out-of-town contractors. Since they’re more familiar with the local climate, local contractors can make better recommendations. For instance, since they have a good idea of the amount of rainfall your area receives every year, they can accurately estimate how much capacity new gutter systems would need to properly divert rainwater. They can also advise better on whether you need gutter guards.

Looking for reputable contractors near your area? Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota offers professional gutter installation services as well as premium gutter guards. To get a free quote, call us at (800) 824-3772 or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Monticello, MN, as well as the surrounding communities.