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Gutters were first sold in sectional pieces. It was up to contractors to make adjustments and secure each section together to make the right fit. This kind of system, however, poses many problems, which is why seamless gutters were eventually developed.

Gutter Helmet® of Western North Carolina explains what makes seamless gutters better than sectional units.

Better Appeal

Seamless gutters offer a more consistent look than sectional units because they form a single sheet of metal. Since they don’t have unsightly seams, they can give your exterior a smooth accent. Furthermore, they come in a wide range of colors and styles. Although they are usually made of aluminum, they can also be made with copper to lend elegance to your home.

Fewer Leaks

Unlike sectional units, seamless gutters have a continuous design. They only have joints at the corners and where they meet the downspouts, reducing the likelihood of leaks, clogs and other issues. This ensures reliable performance and easy upkeep, making them the best gutter systems available.

Expert Installation

Seamless gutters are usually custom-made, that’s why they should only be installed by skilled contractors for an accurate fit. This way, you can rest easy knowing they will perform as expected throughout the years. Your contractor can also recommend what material and size will suit your home’s specifications for the best results.

Gutter Helmet: The Perfect Supplement

The best gutter systems should not only be reliable but also virtually maintenance-free so you can save time, money and effort in the long run. This is why we recommend pairing your seamless gutters with Gutter Helmet. It comes with a nose-forward design and has no vertical openings, a design that prevents leaves, twigs and other debris from congesting the system. Additionally, it boasts a textured surface so water won’t spill over the edge as it flows into the gutters. These are just two of its many unique features that help improve your gutters’ efficiency, so you can keep your home dry and damage-free.

Trust Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina for all your gutter needs. For more information about our superior gutter guard, give us a call at (828) 237-3001. We serve Mill Springs and surrounding areas in North Carolina.