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Having the right materials and components in place is crucial if you want to keep your home safe and secure. This also applies to your gutters, especially when it’s time for a replacement. You can choose to have a sectional gutter installed, but if you want long-term benefits for your roof, consider investing in a seamless gutter system instead. 

Gutter Helmet, a trusted name in gutter guard systems, wants what’s best for your home. To understand why seamless gutters are highly recommended for most homes, today we share some of their biggest benefits.

Easier Installation

Sectional gutter installations involve piecing together sections of gutter to ensure that they fit the dimensions of the roof properly. However, this won’t be needed with seamless gutters because they’re manufactured to fit the roof exactly! Installers bend seamless gutters from a metal coil using an on-site gutter machine to match the exact length and specifications of your home.

Less Clogging 

In a sectional gutter system, the joints and seams promote clogging over time. The clogs can start with small debris such as leaves and twigs that get inside the gutter and collect at the seams. However, a seamless gutter system has virtually no seams or joints. This means there are fewer “weak points” in the system, which means debris won’t easily accumulate and lead to clogs and sagging.  

Lower Maintenance 

Since seamless gutters have few joints and seams that trap debris, the system is much less prone to backups and clogging issues. This means you won’t need to worry about debris accumulating and water pooling in your gutters! You should also consider installing a good gutter cover for added protection. With a proper gutter protection system, you won’t have to worry about frequently clearing out debris.

If you’re looking for the best gutter system for your home, you can count on your local Gutter Helmet dealer to get the job done right. Call us at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our online contact form to get in touch.

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