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Gutters are critical in keeping water runoff away from your home. Without a properly functioning gutter system, your home — particularly your foundation — can be exposed to moisture. This can eventually result in costly damage.

In this post, rain gutter guard expert Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina discusses the common methods used to ensure that rainwater from your gutters and downspouts are directed away from your home.

Where Should Rainwater Go?

As mentioned earlier, rainwater should never drain near your foundation; it should be directed away from your home. You can do this by ensuring that your downspouts are in good condition and using the right water delivery system for you.

Drainage pits are a common method used for collecting large amounts of water from gutters. They’re usually built in the garden, so they don’t ruin curb appeal. A rain barrel is another good option, and it’s ideal for homeowners who want to repurpose rainwater for gardening or cleaning. It can be installed underground or aboveground. Lastly, a rainwater collection system is the usual alternative to underground tanks. It consists of multiple tanks connected to a filter and a pump. You can have the water pumped out whenever you need it.

Are Your Downspouts Working Properly?

A clear sign of downspout failure is overflowing. Furthermore, overflowing is a result of clogging and accumulated dirt and debris in the gutters. To prevent this issue, make sure to clean your gutter system regularly.

If you see water ponding near your foundation, this could be a sign that your downspouts are too short or positioned incorrectly. Call a professional to check your downspouts and ensure that they have the proper length and they are able to direct water away from your home.

Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina is a trusted rain gutter guard specialist. With several years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee top-notch workmanship. Call us at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We serve customers in Mill Springs, North Carolina.