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Your gutter system has one main purpose: to catch the rainwater that runs off from your roof during a rainy day. However, while every homeowner knows this, some homeowners still wonder as to where the rainwater in the gutters and downspouts will be diverted to. According to experts, the water can actually be diverted to three different places.

In this article, rain gutter guard installation experts from Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina reveal where the rainwater from your gutters and downspouts can go.

Drainage Pit

The first place your gutters and downspouts can take the runoff rainwater it catches is the cost-effective option known as the drainage pit. To create a drainage pit in your property, your contractors will have to excavate a part of your ground before partially filling it with polished stone and a drain pipe that will catch the water from the soil and draining it into the pit. By building a drainage pit in your garden, you can safely divert water away from your home without interfering with your home’s curb appeal.

Rain Barrel

Another place the runoff rainwater can go to is the rain barrel and this method can actually be beneficial for your garden as you can reuse the rainwater to water your plants. To divert the rainwater into a rain barrel, you’ll need to add a diverter to your downspout, delivering the water to the rain barrel as a result. Depending on your preferences, you can install this above or underground.

Rainwater Collection System

Alternatively, you can also opt to install a rainwater collection system in your property to catch the runoff rainwater in your gutters and downspouts. If you decide on this rainwater diversion method, professionals will have to install big underground tanks in your property to collect the water from your gutters. Like the rain barrel, this system can help you water your garden thanks to the tank’s filter and pump.

Where the Water Will Go If You Have Faulty Gutters and Downspouts

If you have faulty gutters and downspouts that are left unchecked, you’re bound to face a few problems during a rainy day. Whether your gutters and downspouts are clogged or too short, water can easily overflow and fall to the ground. The water can then cause erosion or flooding in your garden or worse yet, it can seep beneath your home and cause cracks in your foundation.

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