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Most houses in the U.S. have K-style gutters because the style is both efficient and attractive. While K-style gutters are popular, it doesn’t mean that they are ideal for your home. Many are discovering that half-round gutters are a better option. 

Why Are Half-Round Gutters Growing More Popular?

Homes built before the 1950s typically have more rounded features. Owners who want to revive the original look and design of the house with more modern features can benefit from half-round gutters. This type of gutters can help ensure that your landscaping and foundation are protected against water damage. 

Instead of having flat sides like K-style, half-round gutters appear like a tube that’s been cut in half. They feature a symmetrical U-shape that blends well with the rounded architecture of many historic homes and even newly built ones that are less angular. When installed in a modern home, half-round gutters can give the structure a more distinctive look. Some say that they even work more efficiently than K-style systems. 

What Are the Benefits of Half-Round Gutters?

Half-round gutters feature cleaner lines. This style works well with newer and luxury homes with more unique architecture. It also complements heavy textures, such as slate and tile. With its smooth shape, you don’t have to worry as much about corrosion because there are fewer places where water can get stuck. 

Moreover, half-round gutters are also very easy to maintain as debris can flow easily through them. Debris is less likely to get caught on the sides because these gutters have no rough edges. Keep in mind that clogged gutters can cause water to overflow to your exterior and back up to the roof, causing damage. 

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