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What You Need to Know about Reducing Ice Dams

By February 3, 2016No Comments

Winter is in full swing, so you need to make sure your home is prepared for the cold weather. Ice dams are one of the many challenges your home will face this coming season. Gutter Helmet of Cookeville explains how ice dams form, the problems they can cause, and the preventive steps you should take.

How Do Ice Dams Form?

Ice dams are ridges of ice that form at the edge of your roof. They prevent melted snow from draining properly. Ice dams form when the air inside your attic is warmer than the outside temperature. This heats up the upper portions of your roof, melting the snow. This snowmelt flows down your roof to the cold roof edge and re-freezes. As the upper portions of your roof are still warm, this process will continue until the ice dam blocks the snowmelt and causes the water to flow upward into your shingles.

What are the Dangers of Ice Dams?

This can cause damage to the underlayment and the decking beneath it. When left unchecked, ice dams can rot your sheathing, rafters, roof decking, and interior and exterior wall framing. The excess moisture it creates also promotes increased mold growth. Mold can make existing asthma and allergies act up, and causes poor indoor air quality. Ice dams can also cause icicles to form. These icicles can then break off and damage your siding and gutters.

How Do You Reduce Ice Dams?

It’s important to have a properly insulated attic. Good insulation prevents your roof from heating up and melting the snow. Your attic should also have good ventilation and have no air leaks. This prevents heat from escaping. You should also clear snow from your roof regularly. Finally, consult Gutter Helmet of Cookeville to install the Gutter Helmet system for your gutters. This will prevent clogged gutters and help protect your home from ice dams.

As the expert in maintaining and hanging gutters in Cookeville TN, and the local area, we understand the importance of keeping your gutters clean. Clogged gutters accelerate ice dam formation because they cause water to pool inside your gutters due to the lack of properly draining water. This pooled water can then freeze and form an ice dam.

Gutter Helmet prevents this by making sure nothing but water gets inside your gutters. It works by completely covering your gutters and utilizing surface tension. Water from rain and snowmelt clings to Gutter Helmet’s surface and goes directly into your gutters. Meanwhile, leaves and debris just fall off your roof. You can also install an optional heat cable with Gutter Helmet. This heat cable melts snow near your roof’s edge to keep the water flowing into your gutters.

Gutter Helmet of Cookeville has helped homeowners with their gutter problems in Cookeville TN and the surrounding areas since 1998. We’re gutter specialists, and we have the knowledge and skills to successfully tackle any gutter problem. Give us a call to learn more about ice dam prevention or about our other products and services. You can also get a free quote.