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Gutters and downspouts play a huge role in keeping your home safe from water damage. That’s why it’s important to keep them free of debris so they can perform their function without a problem. You can hire a gutter cleaner if you are uncomfortable working at heights. You can also install rain gutter guards to keep debris out of your gutter system.

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What If Your Downspouts Are Frozen?

Sometimes, the accumulation of debris such as leaves, branches and pine needles can cause a clog in your gutters and downspouts. It’s easier to remove debris from your gutters, but it’s a bit more complicated when it clogs up your downspouts. If a downspout is clogged and unable to drain water, that water can freeze when winter comes.

It’s not a good idea to hit your downspout with a hard item like a baseball bat just to break the ice inside. You’ll end up damaging the downspout and making matters worse. To clear the ice, check for snow at the bottom of the downspout. Even if the downspout is not clogged, if it’s blocked at the bottom by snow, it won’t be able to drain the water inside it. Clear the snow that’s blocking the downspout.

You can pour warm water down the downspout if you can get on a ladder. If the ice is too thick and this doesn’t work, try pouring hot water on the outside of the downspout. If it’s possible to connect a hose to a hot tap, spraying the downspout is easier.

Still doesn’t work? Get a hairdryer and spray the downspout with hot air. Be careful not to stand in front of the downspout opening while you’re using electricity. If the ice melts and the water pours out, you’re running the risk of getting electrocuted.

Install Gutter Helmet®

Prevention is always better than cure. To prevent your gutters and downspouts from getting clogged, think about installing Gutter Helmet. These rain gutter guards are highly effective in solving your frozen downspout problem. They don’t allow debris into your gutters, only water, so it’s virtually impossible for your downspouts to freeze due to debris blockage.

Get in touch with Gutter Helmet of Minnesota. We will install your Gutter Helmet and you’ll never have to worry about frozen gutters and downspouts again. Call us today at (866) 200-5339 or contact us here. We’re ready to help you in Monticello, Minnesota.

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