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A properly functioning gutter system is a critical component of any home. That’s why when old gutters have to go, you should make sure you’re getting a replacement suited to your needs.

Gutters come in various materials, styles and costs. Choosing among all the options can be overwhelming, but a knowledge of the various factors that you should consider can make the task easier. Furthermore, it’s also important to ask the right questions of your gutter installer. Infinity Home Improvement, a top-rated provider of gutter protection services, suggests making the following inquiries before buying new gutters.

What Gutter Styles Can You Provide?

Gutters are available in different styles, colors and materials, so you might want to start by looking into the types of gutters that your contractor is able to offer. K-style gutters are usually the most popular type of gutter system because they’re reliable and they can handle a significant amount of runoff. If you want alternatives, there are also traditional box gutters, which feature deep, wide troughs. Meanwhile, half-round gutters are typically a great choice for historic homes.

Aluminum or Galvanized Gutters?

Aluminum gutters are best known for being highly resistant to corrosion. They are often considered the current industry standard. Meanwhile, galvanized gutters are prone to corrosion. Nevertheless, they are very malleable, so installing them is generally easy.

Do You Use Nails or Screws?

The traditional way of fastening gutters is nails, which go through the outside and the inside in order to attach to the fascia board and rafter. However, a downside of using nails is their tendency to pull out after some time. This commonly happens due to the weight of water inside the gutters, which can then later on result in sagging or detachment.

Using screws is a good alternative, and it’s usually considered a more reliable way of fastening gutters to a home. Screws do not pull out over time.

Infinity Home Improvement offers high-quality gutter protection services. And with several years of industry experience, we can ensure superb customer service and quality results for your project. Call us at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve customers in Wyoming, Michigan.