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One of the biggest goals of home maintenance is preventing leaks, particularly from the ceiling and roof. Water leaks in these areas are often the result of ice dams or clogged gutters, and can cause significant damage to both the exterior and interior of your home.

Below are several steps you can take to minimize any damage caused by water leaks, and how you can prevent further issues from arising by installing Gutter Helmet® gutter protection systems.

  1. Find the source of the water. Whether it is your sump pump flooding the basement or a clogged toilet upstairs leaking through the ceiling, turn off the water source. You may have a leaking appliance or water supply line. If the leak comes from your sump pump, check that it is plugged in first and then that the breaker is not tripped. Check to see if the float is stuck or if there is a clog in the drain. Another way that water leaks into your home is through poorly maintained In this case, you will want to clean out any clogs or debris, and later install an effective gutter protection system.
  2. Move furniture and other valuables. Your next step involves protecting your possessions from any further damage. Move your furniture away from the water leak. This includes rolling up carpeting and rugs if possible. Place buckets to catch the water in areas where there are leaks. The goal is to prevent further damage and the growth of mold.
  3. Do not use any electric gadgets or appliances. Be very careful when touching any electrical appliance or gadget while you are standing on a wet floor or carpet. Do not use a regular vacuum to remove excess water. In the case of a flood or any significant damage, you will want to have your insurance company come out and perform an evaluation so you can be compensated for any damage. Water damage can be extensive and if not addressed professionally, may turn into mold and other pesky problems. It is best to call in an expert.
  4. Install gutter protection systems. After you have taken steps to minimize damage caused by existing leaks, your next goal is to prevent any future leaks and damage. Installing an efficient gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet can help protect your home and gutters, while allowing the natural flow of water from the roof down to the ground.

Prevent Future Damage with Gutter Helmet®

If you find water inside your home due to roof or gutter issues, it is important to prevent future damage by installing effective Gutter Helmet® gutter protection systems to safeguard your home and property. To schedule a free estimate with a Gutter Helmet dealer near you, call (800) 824-3772 today.