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Every detail matters, especially when it comes to gutter guards. While most homeowners compare products based on design, it’s important to check the support system, as well. This is one of the components that ensures reliable performance through the years.

One of the reasons Gutter Helmet® outshines other gutter covers is its excellent bracket support system. Its heavy-duty hardware is designed not only to secure the product but also to strengthen your gutters. This way, both can withstand the heft of the debris and the inclement weather.

To see why Gutter Helmet is the best rain gutter system, here’s an overview of mounting hardware used by other gutter guards:

Types of Support System

Some one-piece gutter/gutter guard systems fasten to the fascia board and utilize plastic brackets to support the hood. However, these brackets tend to crack over time. Once this happens, you need to replace the entire run of gutter, which can be costly.

There are also ribbed gutter covers equipped with a plastic clip system. They include nails tucked into the fascia board. Similar to the first design, the brackets can crack and break under heavy weight. Furthermore, the nails will eventually loosen.

Apart from the plastic kind, there are screen filter systems that only use the gutter hangers for support. Because they only rely on the screws into the fascia and front lip of the gutter, they won’t handle the heft of snow and ice. They can also buckle, which can inhibit water flow.

Gutter Helmet’s Superior Brackets

The developers of Gutter Helmet understood that gutter protection systems should extend the life of your gutters. This is why they designed a 48-gauge aluminum bracket with twin beams that pass the weight of the cover from the gutters to your roof. This way, the innovative gutter guard will stay up to task during heavy downpours, strong winds and other harsh conditions. No other products can beat its 85-pound capacity.

This is just one of the many features that make Gutter Helmet the best rain gutter system for your needs. To learn more about its unique qualities, call us today at (800) 824-3772. We serve Wyoming and nearby communities in Michigan.