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A gutter installation isn’t a job for amateurs. Pros consider many factors when installing a gutter system because they know that mistakes during the installation can lead to water damage. 

Gutter Flashing Installation

A pro will install a slide gutter flashing under the shingles and over the back edge of the gutter to prevent water from running behind the gutters. If the flashing that they are using is too short to reach the back edge of the gutter, then they will add an extra strip of metal sheet flashing over the gutter. The flashing is designed to protect your fascia from water damage.

Gutter Pitch

Your gutters might look parallel to the ground and roofline, but they actually have a slight slope to allow water to flow freely. Without this slope, water will just pool in your gutters and overflow when it rains. It is critical that your gutter installer makes the right slope calculation for your home. Your gutters need to have adequate drainage so a pro will take into account your gutters particular conditions and dimensions when making their calculations.

Hanger Spacing

The right hanger spacing for your gutters will depend on your area’s climate. Areas with a cold climate will have hangers that are placed closer to one another. This will allow the gutters to support the extra weight of ice and snow. Areas with a warm climate will have gutters that are spaced more far apart. Proper hanger spacing is necessary to prevent problems like gutter sagging.

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