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One of the primary causes of water damage stems from lack of sufficient maintenance of gutters. This can be linked to poor gutter installation, gutter clogging and gutter sagging.

Gutters Must Function Properly

Gutters are important for your home to ensure the regular flow of water from the roof, through the gutters, down through the downspout and to the ground safely without accumulating or causing damage to your home’s foundation. Keeping gutters clean and working properly is essential for their function. Gutters can also warp over time, leading to sagging.

When gutters sag, they create a space where water can flow behind the gutter or over the edge. Both instances cause damage. The first leads to erosion and can flood basements, while the second can damage the home’s foundation and lead to extensive repairs.

Here are three common reasons why gutters sag.

Reason #1: Warped Material

Gutters often sag because the material from which they are made has started to warp. For example, aluminum, vinyl and steel change due to exposure to heat and cold, alternatively expanding and contract in summer and winter. This movement leads to warping. Some manufacturers add a non-corrosive coating to aluminum gutters to prevent this from happening, but warping leads to a change in the shape of the metal and creates sagging.

Reason #2: Poor Installation

When gutters are not installed properly, the result can be sagging. Sometimes gutter hangers are placed too far apart, which leads to stress and uneven weight distribution. Gutters that are not aligned right and slope too much or too little can sag over time as water accumulates inside them.

Reason #3: Clogged Gutters

The most common cause of sagging gutters is clogging that comes from debris, leaves, pine needles and other material. This prevents water from flowing down to the downspouts.

It is clear that installing gutters properly and keeping gutters clear are essential to prevent sagging and water accumulation. Also promptly repairing any damage to gutters is advisable. One of the most effective ways to prevent gutter damage is to invest in rain gutter covers with a leaf guard. Gutter Helmet® offers a powerful way to take care of your gutters for the long term and minimize the headaches and stress associated with home maintenance.

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