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For many of us, this has been the winter that won’t end! Hopefully spring has finally arrived where you are and you can start some exterior maintenance. When you get out and look at your roof, siding, windows and gutters, you may be wondering what work you need to do. You may ask yourself, “How long do gutters last?” The answer is, it depends on your specific gutters and roof gutter guard systems, where you live and the maintenance you’ve been doing each year.

Repairing Gutters

Snow & Wind

The plains and Northeast had a very windy and snowy winter this year. Late winter and early spring brought record snow to New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and other cities. The large amounts of snowfall in many areas led to ice dams forming in clogged gutters. If you had icicles hanging from your gutters, you may have clogs. It could have been from last fall if you failed to clean them, or new debris as a result of the windy weather. Either way, it’s important to clean your gutters before the next big rainfall. While you’re cleaning them, check to make sure they’re securely fastened to your home. Ice and snow are heavy and often put stress on your gutter system, making for loose or detached gutters.

Mild & Wet

The central part of the country had little snow, but places like Nashville saw above-normal temperatures and nearly twice the norm for rain for the month of February. Warm and wet often equates to bugs. If your gutters aren’t clear, water backs up and becomes the perfect place for insects to breed. If you don’t want standing water in your gutters, which may lead to mosquitoes, clean your gutters right away.

If you live in the west where bugs aren’t a problem, don’t think that you can skip cleaning your gutters. When it rains and your gutters overflow, water may run over both the front and back. Water that runs down the back of your gutters against your house can damage fascia. Because your gutters are attached to your fascia, when it begins to deteriorate, your gutters are at risk of collapsing. Other problems can develop including damage to your roof, walls and siding, to name a few.

If cleaning your gutters isn’t something you want to do year after year, consider installing gutter covers from Gutter Helmet. Roof gutter guard systems prevent debris from entering your gutters and building up, which can lead to clogged gutters and many other problems. When you want the answer to the question, “How long do gutters last?” to be “As long as I own my home,” call Gutter Helmet and we’ll connect you with your local dealer who can install gutter covers that will help prevent many gutter issues. Call (800) 824-3772 today.