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It’s easy to tell that overflowing gutters could mean serious problems for your home. While clogging is usually the culprit behind overflowing gutters, it still pays to know the other possible reasons for this occurrence. By being able to identify the main issue, you can prevent it from happening again in the future.

Infinity Home Improvement, a local business widely recognized in the best gutter guard reviews, discusses three of the most common causes of overflowing gutters.


Leaves, broken tree limbs, and other kinds of dirt and debris can easily find their way into your gutters if you don’t have gutter protection. Over time, these things can build up inside your gutters and cause a blockage that would prevent water from flowing efficiently.

Wrong Placement of Gutters

Find out if your gutter system is positioned correctly. Its pitch and tilt can make a big difference in the performance of the gutter system, so you should ensure that the gutters are installed properly. If the gutter is tilting away from your home, this could potentially cause an overflow, especially during a severe storm. If the gutter lacks pitch, this can cause the water to collect in one spot instead of flowing toward an exit.

Incorrect Size of Gutters

If you have already inspected your gutters for clogging or incorrect pitch and tilt, the next thing that you should look into is the size of your gutters. Gutters that are too small obviously won’t be able to handle the volume of water flowing down from your roof. That said, you might have to switch to a more appropriate size of gutters for your home.

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