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Conserving water in your landscape is one of the most effective ways to cut down on your utility costs and live more sustainably. Doing so will also help protect your community’s water supply.

Get tips on saving water in your yard and garden from a local provider of the best gutter guards.

Get Water-Efficient Emitters

A lot of improvements have been made in emitter technology in recent years. You can request a local irrigation expert to check your system and recommend more efficient emitters.

Address Leaks

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that a leak in a hose, emitter or outdoor faucet can waste at least 6,000 gallons of water yearly. The more leaks there are, the more water is wasted. Often, outdoor leaks go unnoticed, which can result in more wasted water. This problem can be prevented by investing in regular professional yard maintenance.

Get an Automatic-Rain-Shutoff Device

An automatic-rain-shut-off device isn’t very expensive. It will turn off your irrigation system control once a certain amount of rain has fallen. This won’t only protect your lawn from overwatering but will also reduce your water bill.

Invest in a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel can be beneficial because the water collected won’t contain as many chemicals and salts as with most groundwater or city-water sources. In some areas, homeowners who install this device can access incentives. You can speak with a landscape-irrigation expert to determine the best way to combine your rainwater with your current irrigation system.

Avoid Overwatering

Overwatering wastes resources and harms your landscaping. Excessive amounts of water can damage the root systems of your plants and can cause root rot and fungal or bacterial disease.

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