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Winter is in full swing across the nation. In fact, during January, it snowed in every state! Keeping your home warm during the winter can be a challenge, but a few changes to your home can make a big impact. As the snow melts, you may find some leaks or water in your basement or crawl space. Here are some home maintenance tasks, from the roof to your yard, that will help to keep your home dry.

Roofing System

When your roof has a leak, you’re going to ultimately end up with water damage in your home if it is not repaired. When water gets into your attic and your insulation gets wet, it becomes ineffective. When your insulation doesn’t work, your home can’t stay warm. Have your roof inspected once a year and make any repairs in a timely manner.

It may sound counterintuitive, but when your roofing company is inspecting your roof, ask if you have proper ventilation. A well-vented attic can help regulate the temperature of your home better year-round. Roofers can also tell you if you have the recommended amount of insulation for your region. Proper insulation and ventilation makes a difference in your energy usage.

Another part of your roofing system that can cause damage are your gutters. When your gutters are clogged and overflow, they can cause all sorts of problems. In the winter, clogged gutters lead to ice dams and can damage your shingles and gutters. With spring rains or snow melt, the water can run over the gutters and end up in your home. If you hate cleaning your gutters, compare gutter guard systems and have the best gutter covers installed.

Windows and Siding

Proper maintenance is key for windows and siding. Caulk around windows should not be cracked, and needs to be replaced when it shrinks or dries out. If you notice a window with condensation between the window panes, it likely needs to be replaced as condensation is a sign of a broken seal.

Vinyl siding becomes brittle and cracks with age. Wood siding warps and can pull away from the home. No matter what type of siding you have, make sure that the siding doesn’t have cracks or holes, and that it is firmly attached to the home. When siding isn’t doing its job, your home is drafty.


When your landscaping is properly graded, water will run away from your home. During a rainstorm, if you notice that the water runs toward your home, you are more likely to have water damage in your basement. Of course, if your gutters overflow, they can also damage your landscaping and allow water to pool close to your home and eventually end up inside. This is another reason well-maintained gutters and the best gutter covers make a difference in keeping your home dry.

If you need to compare gutter guard systems for your home, be sure to call Gutter Helmet® at (800) 824-3772 and ask to be connected to your local dealer. You’ll find that we offer the best gutter covers for every home to help keep your gutters clean and water flowing away from your home as it should.