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Gutter Helmet® is America’s first, best and #1 gutter protection system. But what exactly makes it the undisputed leader among gutter guards and the permanent solution to your gutter protection needs? Find out in this infographic.

There are many names on the market when it comes to rain gutter guards. They come in different styles with different installation methods. You can choose to install them yourself, call a handyman or you can choose superior installation by a trained and authorized gutter contractor. If you want the best gutter covers on the market installed so they protect your home for decades to come, you want Gutter Helmet®.

The History of Gutter Helmet®

During the 1960s, our founder, Bob Demartini, realized that that many improvements could be made when it came to rain gutter guards. It took him several decades to design and begin selling Gutter Helmet, but his design is now widely considered to be the best gutter cover on the market and the one most often imitated. With many patents, no one can completely duplicate the superior design and function that Gutter Helmet provides.

What Makes Gutter Helmet® Superior

Some rain gutter guards lay flat against the gutter and collect debris. Other products sit in the gutters and simply filter debris. Gutter Helmet uses a nose-forward design without any vertical openings so debris can’t block it, but rather slides off and onto the ground. Some rain gutter guards that attempt to duplicate our patented design can’t handle heavy rainfall. Gutter Helmet has been tested to handle 22 inches of rainfall an hour, which is twice what has ever been recorded in the U.S.!

Of course, without a great manufacturer using superior materials, even the best-designed product won’t serve its purpose. Southeastern Metals Manufacturing Co., a subsidiary of Gibraltar Industries, Inc., is the manufacturer of Gutter Helmet. SEMCO is known as a leader in metal fabrication and, as such, you get the best gutter covers made from the best material. Installation includes superior reinforced support brackets that withstand even heavy snowfall. Patented PermaLife™ technology helps keep the color of your Gutter Helmet true. It also helps prevent the buildup of dirt, which aids in how debris slides off the patented design. Furthermore, it won’t corrode or turn chalky, even from acid rain.

Trusted & Proven

For over 35 years, Gutter Helmet has been providing superior gutter protection for homeowners throughout North America. There are now 100 million feet of Gutter Helmet rain gutter guards installed, and we continue to install more product every day! Our triple lifetime warranty protection covers the installation, materials and is transferrable to the next homeowner if you sell your home. For homeowners in colder climates, we offer Helmet Heat® to help prevent ice buildup in your gutters.

If you’re ready to learn more about Gutter Helmet and the many benefits our products offer over the competitors, call (800) 824-3772 today or chat with one of our online agents. We’ll connect you to your local Gutter Helmet authorized installer for your free estimate.