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Simply put, galvanic corrosion is rust, but one that develops when two types of metal come into contact while being exposed to moisture. Typically, it occurs around screws and supports and is common in coastal areas and industrial settings without gutter protection products.

Understanding Galvanic Corrosion

The Science of Galvanic Corrosion

Electrolytes are substances that are non-metallic but can conduct electricity, like water. When two types of metal come into contact with each other in the presence of water or an electrolyte, galvanic corrosion occurs.

To identify electropositive and electronegative metals, a galvanic scale was developed. Electropositive metals are corrosive while electronegative ones are non-corrosive. When electropositive and electronegative metals come into contact with each other while exposed to water, the latter will corrode. And the farther electropositive and electronegative metals are from each other, the faster and more severe the galvanic corrosion will be.

What You Can Do About It

Metals naturally corrode when exposed to water but galvanic corrosion can be managed by making sure:

  • Non-metallic coatings are applied to electropositive or corrosive metals

  • The time metal surfaces are left wet is kept to a minimum

  • Metals are separated using non-conductive and non-absorbent materials like tape, gaskets, sealants, elastomeric sheets and waterproof paper.

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