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You might assume that not having any trees planted around your property means you don’t have to worry about leaves and twigs collecting on your roof. You might even think that ignoring the task of cleaning your gutters is okay. Even so, clogs in the form of slim, sludge and silt may still appear on your gutters. You might be wondering from where these unwanted debris come. 

From Where Does Gutter Slime Come?

Green gutter slime is essentially the algae that grows as a result of local climate conditions. This can impede the water runoff and damage the roofline if they’re not properly cleaned. It can also catch dirt and other debris which can turn into clogs that prevent the water from draining properly. 

What Causes Gutter Sludge and Silt?

Gutter sludge and silt are algae and moss lumped together, but they can also consist of other fine organic material that came from your roof and into the gutters. Once they fill your gutters with dirt and debris, they can cause trouble to your roofing system. They can also be difficult to clean without the right equipment. However, they can still be prevented if you have a proper gutter protection system installed.

How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

While regular cleaning is always recommended to keep your gutters free of slime and sludge, it can become tedious if it happens too often. You’ll need a gutter protection system to keep them off your gutters, but don’t just choose one from any other manufacturer. Only the best gutter covers are worth investing in to avoid clogging problems. 

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