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Types of Gutters: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Home

By October 23, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Gutters come in many shapes, colors, and materials, so no matter what kind of home you have, you can be sure there’s a particular kind that meets your budget and complements the style of your home. Getting to know the various types of gutters, however, can get a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we’re here to eliminate the guesswork for you. In this article, we list down the most popular gutter styles and materials.

Basic Types of Gutters

There are two basic types of gutters in Arden NC, and the local area, and they’re named according to the shape of their cross section.
• K-Style Gutters – These have flat bottoms and backs. The front panel usually features a decorative shape, such as a curve or ogee that mimics crown molding. These are usually seen on more modern homes.

• Half-Round Gutters – As the name suggests, these are shaped like half-round tubes. These are a common sight on colonial-type homes and other historic houses.


Gutter systems are also available in a wide array of materials. Here are some of the materials preferred by most homeowners:

Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters are a favorite among homeowners because they offer ease of installation. These never rust or corrode and are comparably more budget-friendly. In milder climates, these work just as well as other materials. However, vinyl gutters tend to crack and become brittle over time, especially from exposure to extreme cold. Vinyl gutters are an option for those who need new gutters on a tight budget.

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters, like vinyl, are also affordable, lightweight, and relatively easy to install and maintain. They are, however, more durable since they are weather-resistant. Primary aluminum is thicker and has better quality compared to secondary aluminum, as these are usually made of recycled materials.

Steel and Copper Gutters

There are also various types of steel and copper gutters. May homeowners choose galvanized steel rain gutters, which are cost-competitive and sturdy. The main drawback of this type of material is that it rusts, though proper maintenance can make them last longer.

Gutter Protection

Any type of gutter can benefit from a gutter protection system. Gutter Helmet ® is one of the most efficient gutter protection systems on the market. This patented technology makes gutter maintenance a breeze by preventing leaves, debris, and other gunk from entering the system. By drawing rainwater in, it also reduces ice dams from forming, saving you from possible repair costs.

Gutter Helmet systems can be customized to fit any type of gutter system. Our professional installers at Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina can create the kind of system that seamlessly fits your home. Complete the form on our website today for a free estimate.