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Turn Your Rain Gutter Into a Drink Cooler!

By April 13, 2012No Comments

One of the basic building blocks of a backyard barbecue is the place where the beverages are kept cold for guests. To achieve this goal, there are many different types of portable drink coolers available, from extra large to wheeled to floatable. Some homes even have built-in beverage coolers in a barbecue pit or near a pool or hot tub.

If you want something semi-permanent for chilling your drinks, but can’t afford an expensive built-in compartment, here’s an idea for you: how about a picnic table gutter cooler?


Say, What?
It’s an inventive yet practical way to keep beverages not only cold, but also easily accessible. A picnic table gutter cooler is just like it sounds: one of your gutters substituted in for a plank in your picnic table. A fringe benefit is that you get to remove a table plank which may be stained, cracking, or rotting.

How Do You Make It?
Constructing a picnic table gutter cooler is easy. Measure the width of the table plank that you are going to take out to make sure it is approximately the same width as your gutters. Then measure the length of the gutter section you will be using and mark it on your table accordingly. You can either use a shorter gutter section and leave some of the planks on the ends; or you can use a longer gutter section and cut off the excess length.

Remove the picnic table plank with a hammer and hammer claw, making sure to pry out all of the nails. Then insert the gutter into the space and drill a screw through the side of the gutter into the side of the adjacent planks. For more durability, you can use metal brackets that attach to both the gutter and table if you like. Then put end caps on the ends of the gutter. (If you wish, you can install two picnic table gutter coolers on one picnic table.)

Putting It to Use
Now you’re ready to fill your picnic table gutter cooler! You can put cubed ice in about halfway up to the top of the gutter, or you can use crushed ice almost to the top. Then place wine bottles, beer cans or bottles, and other beverage containers along the length of the gutter cooler. (Tip: put wine on one half and beer on the other.) Presto! Your beverages are cool and within reach!

When your party is over, just remove the beverages and tip one end of the table up so that the ice and water runs downhill over your end cap and onto the grass. Then wipe the gutter with a damp cloth to remove any excess dirt.

With picnic table gutter coolers, all of your friends and relatives will be buzzing about how you were both thrifty and inventive!