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Many homeowners have benefitted from the unique advantages offered by Gutter Helmet®. It helps prolong the lifespan of existing gutter systems and makes cleaning gutters with gutter guards an easy weekend task. It only makes sense to have warranty coverage that matches these features. In this blog, Infinity Home Improvements takes a look at the triple protection provided by the Gutter Helmet Triple Lifetime Warranty.

Triple Protection: Gutter Helmet® Triple Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Material Warranty

All gutter protection systems come with material warranty, but not everyone offers the same kind of coverage. Gutter Helmet is protected by a limited lifetime warranty coverage from problems caused by faulty material and workmanship, under normal conditions. The PermaLife™ coating that comes with all Gutter Helmet is also warranted not to crack, peel or chip under the same conditions.

It must be noted that full coverage is valid as long as the homeowner owns the house. In the event that the property is sold, the new owner will need to have their Gutter Helmet system inspected and re-certified by a local Gutter Helmet contractor or a Gutter Helmet representative.

Lifetime Performance Warranty

Gutter Helmet is also warranted to perform as intended. Compared to other gutter protection systems, Gutter Helmet doesn’t filter leaves and debris. Rather, its specially designed profile pushes all manner of solid material down to the ground, while routing rainwater into narrow slits by way of water surface tension. In addition to keeping the gutters clear, it also eliminates the need to periodically clean and replace the gutter protection system. If Gutter Helmet fails to perform as designed, you can rest easy knowing it will be corrected under warranty.

Warranty Service

The Triple Lifetime Warranty also covers workmanship, including having the gutters and downspouts cleaned out prior to installing Gutter Helmet. Improper installation procedures outnumber manufacturing defects as the reason for service repairs. Having workmanship coverage part of Triple Lifetime Warranty helps ensure your peace of mind, knowing your Gutter Helmet system is covered from all angles.

Infinity Home Improvements is your leading provider of Gutter Helmet, which has made cleaning gutters with gutter guards easy for all homeowners. Give us a call at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form. We serve clients in Wyoming, Michigan, and surrounding areas.