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All gutters share the same function, but they come in a variety of styles. Homeowners should understand the differences between these types of gutters to help them make the right choice for their home. Learn the main features of these gutter systems and how they can benefit you.

1. K-style Gutters

This type of gutter is popular because of the decorative design on its front side. It often mimics crown molding because of its ogee curve. Its configuration also allows the system to hold more water.

2. Half-Round Gutters

Think of a pipe cut in lengthwise to picture what half-round gutters look like. This gutter style is more common in many traditional homes than in contemporary homes because of its layout. Maintenance won’t also be an issue since these gutters have a smooth surface that is easy to clean.

3. Seamless Gutters

From the name itself, seamless gutters are made in one piece. They are usually extruded right at the job site to exact lengths using special equipment. Additionally, their sleek appearance makes them more aesthetically appealing.

4. Sectional Gutters

Traditionally, gutters are built using pieces of metal joined together to form one system. Contractors often assemble the parts during the installation day. This means sectional gutters come pre-cut during fabrication, which saves time in manufacturing and making it easier to ship.

For your gutter protection needs, our company installs Gutter Helmet®, a smart alternative to ordinary gutter covers. This maintenance item can fit all types of gutter systems to ensure that the metal channels will remain clog-free for many years. It also has a unique design that prevents debris accumulation. Moreover, it comes with a Triple Lifetime Warranty that includes material and product performance.

Gutter Helmet Piedmont provides excellent Gutter Helmet installation services. Call us today at (844) 204-1015. We serve residents of Charlotte and other nearby areas in North Carolina.