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Top 2 Ways to Keep Your Gutters in Top Shape

By February 16, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

Keeping your gutter system in top shape is necessary to ensure that it continues redirecting rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Excessive exposure to rainwater can damage it and can eventually lead to structural damage. So what are the best ways to keep your gutters in great condition?

Mr. Fix-It™ talks about two reliable ways of preserving your gutter system.

Regular Maintenance

Cleaning your gutters regularly helps a lot in making sure that they continue performing their job. This includes clearing debris off your roof, as the rainfall can cause it to flow into your gutter system and clog them. You should also carefully scoop out large debris such as leaves and pine needles from your gutters, eliminating clogs.

While doing these things can help keep your gutters in top shape, it can be tiring and time-consuming. That’s why it’s best to hire professionals like us to help keep your gutters in a good state. This saves you the trouble of doing things yourselves.

Installing Gutter Helmet®

Aside from hiring us to maintain your gutters, we can also provide you with our patented gutter cover in Ashland, Virginia as a lasting solution. It comes with a textured surface that ensures water clings to its surface as it flows naturally downward. Once water rounds the edge of our system’s nose-forward design, it flows smoothly into a 3/8 inch wide slit while filtering debris out. With these features, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your gutters again.

Gutter Helmet is also made of lightweight but durable aluminum. Furthermore, it comes with a PermaLife™ finish that protects it from the elements. In addition, we install them to your roof with reinforced gutter aluminum alloy brackets so they remain intact despite harsh weather conditions. These qualities make our product the best solution to maintaining your gutters.

Whether you’re in need of new gutters or a gutter cover in Ashland, Virginia,  you can expect Mr. Fix-It to provide you with efficient gutter solutions. Call us today at (866) 985-9437 for more information about our patented gutter cover.