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As the season begins to change, so do the types of wildlife we see in our yards. Unlike other species who may hibernate or change their coat, birds tend to pass through on their migration or arrive from colder climates for the winter. If you’d like to see more birds in your yard, try some of these tips shared by the National Wildlife Federation.

Attract Birds

Tip #1 – Plant Evergreens

Deciduous trees, those that lose their leaves in fall, don’t provide protection for birds in winter. By planting evergreens, you give migrating birds a safe place to roost or rest. Be sure to provide nearby food and running water if possible to attract the birds to your new trees.

Tip #2 –Attract Different Species With Variety

Different bird species prefer different types of food and different types of feeders. By varying feeders and filling them with different feeds, you’re more likely to attract a wider variety of birds. Hopper feeders, perch feeders and suet feeders all bring different species to your yard. Be sure to hang some higher than others as height does matter to some species. If you’re trying to attract a specific type of bird, be sure to research what type of food and feeder they prefer. Avoid mixed birdseed as it contains a great deal of red millet filler that isn’t a favorite for most birds.

Tip #3 – Keep Everything Clean

If you had birds in your birdhouses over the summer, clean them out so winter birds can take advantage of them. If your birdbath doesn’t have a bubbler or fountain, clean it regularly. If you had sugar water feeders out for hummingbirds this summer, don’t put them away. Instead, keep them filled but be sure to change the water out at least once a week in cooler temperatures as it can go bad.

Don’t neglect your gutters and downspouts. Many birds find them a great place to visit and build nests, which can prevent your gutters from draining properly. Check that there are no nests in yours and then consider installing leaf-free gutter covers. Gutters are not a good place for birds to find water or live.

Don’t forget to protect the birds you are attracting to your home by leaving your window screens up or adding streamers outside your windows. This helps to prevent them from flying into your windows by muting the reflection. If you find lots of debris in your gutters and need rain gutter shields, Gutter Helmet® can help. Call (800) 824-3772 to be connected to your local dealer for a free quote.