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Tips for a Successful Gutter Helmet Installation Project

By October 21, 2015October 17th, 2023No Comments

Your gutters protect different parts of your home from the damaging effects of excessive rainwater. As they are open on top to function well, they can fill up with debris and clog quickly. Gutter Helmet® is a permanent solution to your gutter’s needs and we look at several things you can do to make sure the installation process is a success.

1. Inform the neighbors.

Let your neighbors know of the planned work. Installing gutter shields in Columbia SC, and the local area, can be loud and messy, like many other home improvement projects. More than just a matter of courtesy, it also allows them to take care of their own place and keep anything of value to them away from the work area.

2. Understand the product and the process.

A key to success in many things is communication. We’ll make sure that you understand what Gutter Helmet is and does. This will put your mind at ease that you are getting your money’s worth. More than that, it also allows us to come up with a color option that will add to your roof and home’s curb appeal.

3. Give us some space.

We will always make sure to respect your privacy and boundaries. That said, home improvement work does take a lot of space for materials, tools, and the work itself. It is better if you are the one to clear the space and set the parameters of the work area. This ensures that the places and things most important to you are safe from dust and dirt.

4. Insist on a post installation check.

Lastly, make sure to check that after the job’s done properly. Since you made the investment, it’s your right to check to make sure it is to your satisfaction. We always make sure that we never leave a site until our customer sees that everything is fine.

Follow these simple suggestions and your Gutter Helmet gutter covers will provide you quality protection and lasting peace of mind for years to come. Give us a call today and we will talk to you about all the things that make Gutter Helmet a worthwhile investment.