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Tips on Reducing Ice Dams

By November 2, 2015No Comments

You can enjoy a cozier home this winter if you don’t have to deal with the threat of ice dams on your roof. Ice dams are continuous blocks of ice that line your roof’s margins. While they are harmless when frozen, they can do untold damage to your roofing system once they start to melt. In addition, the weight of these icicles can tear off the gutters from your home.Let Seamless Exterior, your go-to dealer for quality Gutter Helmet® products, help you reduce ice dams with these handy tips:

  • Keep Your Attic and Roof Cold. With this, you won’t have to worry about ice dams forming. A cold roof will only have a thick blanket of snow, whereas a warmer roof will have patches where snow melted off, resulting in icicles that hang from the eaves.

You can keep your roof cold by closing up attic bypasses. Use caulk, weather stripping, or insulation to seal gaps and cracks in your ceiling. This stops heat from leaking to your attic, keeping it cold enough to stop ice dams from forming. You can also increase the insulation in your attic, and make sure that you attic ventilation system is functional. By adding roof and soffit vents to your home, cold air will circulate better under your roof.

  • Install an Excellent Gutter Protection System

Trapped water inside congested gutters can form into ice dams. Seamless Exterior, the trusted name in repairing and hanging gutters in Cedar Falls IA, and the local area, can help you deal with this. With our quality gutter protection system Gutter Helmet, we’ll prevent your gutters from clogging. This features a patented nose-forward design and a ribbed surface that sheds debris from your roof effectively, while allowing water to flow through smoothly.

  • Invest in Helmet Heat®

Helmet Heat® can melt snow and ice before these form into dams, which can weigh down your gutters and roof and do extensive water damage when unaddressed. This heats only when necessary, does not require constant monitoring, and can blend with your roof and gutters. You won’t have to worry about safety, as well, since Helmet Heat is UL-listed and approved.

When you choose Seamless Exterior and our Gutter Helmet products, you can avoid snow and ice buildup in your roof and gutter system. Call us today to learn more.