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Tips on Choosing a Gutter Cover Color to Match Your Exterior

By March 21, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

Gutter guards help ensure that your gutters continue directing water to the downspout while keeping them free of debris. Aside from its practical function, gutter covers can also help improve your home’s curb appeal. Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina takes pride in being an authorized dealer of Gutter Helmet, which comes in a wide range of colors to match your home’s style.

Let us offer tips on choosing the colors that will make your home even more attractive.

Consider Gutter Visibility

Try to see if your gutters are visible from your front curb. If you cannot see your gutters from where you are standing, then you do not need to worry about the color for your gutter guards. The same thing applies if you are not concerned about how they look to anyone standing in your backyard.

If you think that the gutter covers you will install on your gutters will be visible, then you can count on us to help you. We know how to install gutter guards in Arden NC, and the surrounding areas, as well as match their color to your home’s exterior. You can be sure to hear great ideas from our experts when it comes to choosing a gutter cover color.

Observe Local Restrictions

Before choosing a color, ask your local government or homeowners’ association if the color you want your gutter covers to have is allowed. Some places have rules and guidelines when it comes to your home’s exterior appearance.

Choose a Gutter Cover Color That Will Match Your Roof

We provide gutter guards that feature a special finish in a wide selection of colors. If you own a dark-colored roof, then choose Terratone, bronze, black, or dark gray-shaded gutter covers. If you own a shingle roof, then you can also choose the same batch of colors.

Choose a Contrasting Color That Will Emphasize Your Gutter Guards

If you own a brown wood shake roof with white gutters, you can go for black gutters. This way, you can put more emphasis on your gutter guards’ unique exterior features. You can rely on us to give you an idea of how to install gutter guards in Arden NC, and the local area, as well as choose the best gutter guard color to blend with your home. We can also customize them if you are looking for a specific combination of colors.

Expect Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina to help make your home more attractive with our gutter protection system. Call us today or fill out our contact form for a free estimate.