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If it’s time to replace your gutters, you want to choose the best color and style for your home. There are two things that you’ll need to consider before picking your gutter’s style and color: your budget and the size of your roof. Your gutter installer should help guide you to the right size gutter based on the square footage and pitch of your roof.

Gutter Colors And Styles Infographics

Once you know your budget, that will, in part, influence the gutter material and style. Steel and copper gutters are among the most expensive. Of course, copper gutters start out one color but eventually patina to another. Vinyl and aluminum among the least expensive options with aluminum lasting longer than vinyl.

Coordinate Your Color

There are many elements of your home that you can use to inspire your gutter color choice. If you’re planning a total exterior remodel, you should talk to your gutter installer and find out what colors are available before planning the rest of the elements. Available gutter colors may influence the trim, siding or new roofing you choose. As you’re talking to your gutter installer about gutter color options, also ask about the colors available in rain gutter protection to ensure everything coordinates.

There are three common elements homeowners use to coordinate their gutters. First is the trim. If you’re repainting your trim or completely replacing it, you can choose your gutter color and then select your trim or paint color so they match. Because gutters hang over siding, this is another element to consider when choosing a gutter color. However, if you have a brick or stone home and you’re not able to coordinate with that, you may want to pick the color of your roofing material so the gutter coordinates with your roof.

Choose a Gutter Style

Gutters come in several styles depending on their material. Different styles influence the look of your home. The most common gutter shape, which has been popular since the 1900s, is the half-round gutter. Another popular gutter style is the K-style. It is identified by its flat back and bottom with a decorative front. The front may look to some like crown molding.

The style will influence the capacity of the gutter. A 5-inch, K-style gutter holds nearly twice as much water as a half-round, 5-inch gutter. Depending on your roof pitch and size, your gutter needs may vary. Some covered gutter systems only come in one style of gutter so if you’re considering one of those, you won’t have as many options.

Choosing new gutters or covered gutter systems doesn’t have to be confusing. Just make sure the color looks great with your home and conforms to any neighborhood HOA regulations. If you want rain gutter protection for your new gutters, we can help. Your nearest authorized Gutter Helmet dealer will guide you to the right solution for your home and needs. Call (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form for more information.