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Summer is mosquito season so you should prepare your home. Cleaning your gutters and installing a gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet® is an effective way to protect your home from mosquitoes. If you’re interested in this approach, we can give you an accurate estimate of the Gutter Helmet cost per foot and other details. There are other things you can do to protect your home, as well. In today’s article, Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota, the top gutter company in our local area, gives some tips to eliminate mosquitoes from your property this summer.

Mosquito Facts

Mosquitoes have poor eyesight, so they utilize shapes and silhouettes to home in on their targets. Wearing dark colored clothing can make you an easier target for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are also drawn to higher body temperatures and increased perspiration, which is another reason dark clothing is a bad idea. Studies have also shown that mosquitoes are attracted to increased alcohol content in body sweat, so you should take that into account if you decide to host a barbecue.

Mosquito Prevention Plan

You can implement a thorough pest control plan to protect your home from mosquitoes. First and most importantly, you should eliminate sources of standing water in and around your home. Clean your gutters and make sure that there is no water in them. You can then install a gutter protection system to prevent clogs just to be safe. You should also clean out bird baths, kiddie pools and tire swings.

If you have a spot in your yard that you enjoy sitting and spending a lot of time in, then you should consider protecting it using mosquito netting. Avoid bug zappers because they attract mosquitoes, but only kill the non-biting male mosquitoes. Instead, create a breeze in your yard by using fans. Mosquitoes aren’t very good at flying. Lastly, make sure that your home is sealed. Your window screens and doors should be flush-mounted and in good condition.

Give us a call if you want to get an estimate of the Gutter Helmet cost per foot. Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota has served our local community for many years. Our products and services can keep your gutters free of debris and standing water. We serve many areas including Culver, MN. Call us at (800) 824-3772 to learn more about our services and products or to get a free quote.