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A well-built gutter system channels water runoff smoothly towards the drains. To keep it in good condition throughout its lifespan, regular care and maintenance is required. But sometimes, small critters like raccoons may climb over them to look for shelter and food on your roof. If you notice that this happens frequently, it should be adequately addressed before they cause extensive damage to your gutters and downspouts.

Fortunately, keeping raccoons from invading your property and climbing your downspouts is easy. 

Put Grease on Your Downspouts

Usually, raccoons hug the downspouts firmly to prevent them from falling while they climb. Consider applying some grease on the downspouts so that they’ll slip every time there’s an attempt. Non-food grease is usually recommended, but automotive grease is also a safe alternative. Make sure to apply it at a high point on your downspouts to prevent accidental contact while also maximizing its effectiveness against raccoons.

Don’t Leave Food Outdoors

Leaving pet food and water outdoors should be fine during the day, but we recommend bringing them back indoors by nightfall. This is because raccoons are nocturnal and may get attracted to the food left outside. Any fallen fruit within your property can also attract raccoons, and if they fall on your gutters, nothing can stop them from climbing. To avoid this, make sure to trim overhanging branches from your fruit-bearing trees. You should also pick up any fallen fruit on your gutters and yard.

Install Metal Screens and Coverings

A metal grid screen or covering can also be effective in keeping the raccoons from climbing your downspouts and roof. This essentially cuts off access and deters them from climbing even if they try. Ensure that they’re firmly attached to the gutters and downspouts so that they won’t pull them apart easily. You can also check out our gutter protection systems that help prevent fallen fruit and other debris from accumulating in your gutters.

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