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Things to Look for in a Gutter Protection System

By September 15, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Your gutters work most effectively when they direct the water that rolls down your roof without a hitch. This also makes them very vulnerable to catching all of the leaves and other debris that tend to get caught in the flow. That’s why we recommend Gutter Helmet®—it’s a great long-term investment that provides enduring and complete protection for your gutters. We look at the reasons why:

1.       It’s comprehensive protection.

Gutter Helmet covers the entirety of your gutter with solid protection. There aren’t any perforations on top; only a 3/8-inch access opening that is located beneath the protruding nose of the Gutter Helmet system. This ensures that only water is ever allowed into your gutters. Leaves and other debris are readily pushed off your roof and onto the ground where they can easily be swept away.

2.      It works very simply.

The simpler a piece of equipment is, the less likely it is to break or run into faults. First, the method of operation involves simple physics: water adheres to the surface of the Gutter Helmet gutter guard where it can follow directly into the gutter itself. Second, the surface is textured specifically to enhance this effect—helping water along the way.

3.       It’s very durable.

A lot of a gutter protection system’s durability lies in dealer’s knowledge of how to install gutter covers in Arden NC, and the surrounding areas—but that’s not the whole story. From the reinforced aluminum alloy used in the Gutter Helmet’s support brackets to the anti-corrosion PermaLife™ finish, this system is certainly built to last.

4.       It looks good.

Uncovered gutters look most obviously like what they are—huge, gaping openings. With Gutter Helmet in place, you get an unbroken, smooth looking edge to your roof. It’s a subtle effect but one that nonetheless adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. It’s worthwhile as an added benefit and certainly adds value as well.

Solve your gutter problems permanently with a single investment. Get Gutter Helmet from Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina today. Call us up and we’ll be more than happy to address your questions and concerns.