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There’s a ‘New Guard’ to Ban the Gutter-Cleaning Task

By May 30, 2014October 17th, 2023No Comments

If your house is surrounded with trees and all sorts of foliage, it is most likely that leaves and twigs have already clogged your gutter – especially during autumn – and, chances are, birds have built their nests or squirrels have piled pine cones or nuts on it. No one wants to deal any of those gutter issues. Unfortunately, no matter how many times we clean, leaves will still find their way to our gutters to choke them over time. The task can be tedious and frustrating until we postpone things and neglect them altogether.

Many homeowners dread pulling out their ladders and hoses to clean out the gutters. This is an important job as clogged gutters can eventually back up and destroy the roof shingles and walls of the home or break under the weight of the accumulated debris. There are several ways for any homeowner to prevent leaves and other debris from falling into rain gutters to protect the home, and avoid a messy job.

Install gutter screens onto the gutters. These guards are constructed from metal and plastic and are covered with a series of holes that will allow rain to enter the gutter but prevent any leaves from clogging it up.

An even better alternative would be to install leaf relief gutter guards from a trusted manufacturer to save time and effort on regular cleaning. We should make every effort to avoid climbing ladders again and again because this practice is dangerous. This remedy will also discourage animals from sheltering in our gutters.

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Article Excerpt from How to stop leaves from clogging gutters