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The Unique Gutter Helmet® Installation Process

By January 18, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

Gutter Helmet® makes for an ideal gutter protection in Spokane Valley, Washington, thanks to its exceptional features. It comes with a ribbed surface for added tensile strength, which lets water cling to the surface as it flows downward. Meanwhile, its nose-forward design extends past the edge of your gutters. This way, water will flow naturally inside the system. Gutter Helmet also comes with a 3/8”-wide slit that lets water flow into your gutters steadily while preventing debris from entering the system. In addition, you can also expect years of lasting beauty because of its PermaLife™ finish.  

Gutter Helmet

That said, our product will not perform optimally if not for the flawless installation behind it. Spokane Rain Gutter discusses the installation process behind our patented gutter protection system:

  • Scheduling and Preparation – When you call us, we’ll set an appointment to schedule an on-site visit at a time that works best for you.
  • On-Site Visit – We inspect your gutters, siding, and other components of your home that can affect the installation process. You also don’t need to clean your gutters before our arrival. We will check for existing issues before providing you an estimate.
  • Education – We’ll explain everything you need to know about Gutter Helmet so you’ll know how it will affect your home.
  • Estimate – We’ll provide you with a free written quote at the time of the appointment. Rest assured that we’ll give you ample time to make a decision.
  • Decision Time – A specialist will follow up and schedule the installation of your new Gutter Helmet system.
  • Installation – Once you’ve decided to purchase our gutter protection in Spokane Valley, Washington, we’ll send a technician to install it. You can expect them to examine, clean, and realign your gutters if needed at no additional cost. They will then secure Gutter Helmet over your existing gutters.

With our professional installation, you can have the peace of mind that your gutter protection system will perform optimally for years to come. Most major roofing manufacturers approve of our installation methods. This means that our installation will not put your existing roofing warranties at risk. You can register your warranty which will provide you with transferable lifetime warranty for materials and product performance for years to come.

As a certified Gutter Helmet installer, you can expect Spokane Rain Gutter to deliver a flawless installation process. Call us today at (866) 959-1141 for more information about our services.