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Winter is in full swing and if you live in an area that sees snow and ice, it is critical that your home is able to handle the problems that tend to arise when harsh winter weather conditions develop. One way to prevent such problems is to invest in heated gutters. In this post, we share how they can be beneficial to your home. 

The Benefits of Heated Gutters

 Heated gutters offer a number of advantages for homeowners. Here we share just a few of them.

  • Fewer ice dams. When twigs, leaves and other tree debris fall into your gutters, they interrupt the flow of water and cause it to slow and stagnate. In the winter, any standing water in the gutters will freeze, which will lead to the formation of ice dams. Heated gutters can stop this from happening by preventing the water from freezing and creating ice dams. 
  • Leak prevention. When water flow in your gutters is obstructed, the resulting winter ice dams will cause water to back up onto your roof and seep under the shingles into your home. When you have heated gutters, however, the water won’t be able to turn into ice. Our Gutter Helmet® rain gutter covers help prevent leaks as well. The unique design prevents debris from getting into the gutters in the first place, while the ribbed surface directs water smoothly into the gutters through multiple small slits. You can rest assured that our gutter covers will help prevent a myriad of problems. 
  • Less damage to the roof. Water that backs up behind an ice dam can cause your roof’s components to break down and degrade. By installing Helmet Heat® heated gutter guards, you can stop this problem in its tracks. Helmet Heat is a self-regulating heating cable that’s designed to keep ice and snow from building up at the edges of the roof and forming ice dams. 

Find a Gutter Helmet® Dealer Near You

Contact your local Gutter Helmet dealer today to discuss your gutter protection needs and find out more about our Helmet Heat ice reduction system. Give us a call at (800) 824-3772 or reach us via our online form.

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