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Clogged gutters may not sound like a major issue. The truth is, the longer you ignore this problem, the more you’re putting your home’s protection at risk. RBC Roofing, your top provider of innovative gutter caps, discusses some ways this can damage your home:

Risks of Neglecting Clogged Gutters

Weak Foundation

The main role of your gutters is to divert water away from the roof and the foundation. Once the gutters become congested with leaves, dirt and other debris, however, water will spill over the sides and pool around your foundation. This causes the soil to saturate and put excessive stress on the structure, resulting in cracks and mold growth over time.

Landscape Damage

Overflowing water from your gutters does not only damage your home, but also your landscaping. It can land on shrubs, flower beds and small trees, causing them to wilt. Your pathways can also become slippery.

Wood Rot

The fascia boards that keep your gutters in place are usually made of wood. When gutters clog, water can drip down and cause the boards to deteriorate. If you have wood siding, water can cause rot.

Gutter Helmet®: The Number One Solution

The best way for you to avoid these costly problems is to invest in Gutter Helmet®, the most trusted gutter protection system in the country. Unlike typical gutter caps, it has a nose-forward design that sweeps debris off the edge and makes it fall to the ground. It also comes with a ribbed surface for added surface tension, so water clings to it as it passes through the system’s narrow slit. With these excellent features, you can expect your gutters to stay clean and clear all year round. In turn, you keep your home safe from serious water damage.

End your gutter woes by turning to RBC Roofing today. To learn more about the features and benefits of Gutter Helmet, give us a call at (866) 676-9805. You can also ask for a free estimate. We serve residents throughout Tolar, TX.