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When it comes to durability, few come close to zinc and copper gutters, which have an average lifespan of more than 100 years. The secret behind zinc and copper gutters’ longevity is the patina that forms on their surface as they age. This patina protects zinc and copper gutters from rust and the elements. 

However, which of the two is better? Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota provides a detailed breakdown of their respective pros and cons below: 

Curb Appeal 

If you want as much design flexibility as possible, zinc gutters (which come in a wide variety of colors) are a better choice. But if you want to add a rustic or classic feel to your exterior, copper gutters (which are often installed in historic homes). However, you can’t go wrong by choosing either. 


Zinc and copper gutters are smart choices if you’re trying to go green. That’s because zinc and gutter are both recyclable. (In particular, copper almost four times the recycled value of stainless steel, which is why most new copper gutters have 70% to 100% recycled content.) 

Maintenance Needs 

Thanks to their protective patina layer, zinc and copper gutters have fewer maintenance needs than other types of gutters. Keep in mind that low maintenance doesn’t mean “no” maintenance. Even exceptionally durable zinc and copper gutters need to be maintained occasionally. 

Here’s a tip: to lower your gutters’ maintenance you can install gutter guards. By preventing leaves and other debris from entering and clogging your gutters, they help reduce its maintenance needs. However, you still need to remove the leaves and debris that accumulated on your gutter guards. That is except for Gutter Helmet®, the only gutter guards on the market with a Never Clean Your Gutters Again® guarantee.   

The Disadvantages of Installing Zinc and Copper Gutters 

However, zinc and copper gutters are not without disadvantages. For starters, they’re on the pricey side. If you want a more cost-effective option, we recommend aluminum seamless gutters, which are a good alternative without the premium price tag. 

Gutter Helmet of Minnesota offers Gutter Helmet gutter guards and quality gutter systems. To request a free quote, call us at (866) 200-5339 or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Monticello, Minnesota as well as the surrounding communities. 

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