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The Latest Tools on the Gutter Cleaning Scene

By September 13, 2012October 16th, 2023No Comments

The Latest Tools on the Gutter Cleaning Scene Companies are always trying to come up with better ways to help people clean their gutters. Some of them invent new products or upgrade old ones. Other companies garner feedback on their existing products to make sure that customers are satisfied with their efficacy.

But customer needs and opinions can change every year. So here is a look at what’s new in 2012, including reviews and product upgrades.

iRobot Looj 330

You may have already heard about this remote-controlled gutter cleaning tool. But this year, iRobot has come out with an upgraded version of an innovative idea. The company behind the Roomba automated floor vacuum has put in a 7.2-volt lithium-ion battery, which decreases the charging time. Its rotating augur now has four “tools” instead of three, so gutter debris will be dug out faster and easier.

AIRALEAVE Flex Downspout & Gutter Cleaner

This is an attachment that is designed to connect a leaf blower to a downspout in order to loosen gutter clogs. One end attaches to the bottom opening of a downspout, while the other fastens to most standard blowers — thus enabling you to “blow out” the clogs using compressed air. One recent review lauded its power when used with a gas-powered blower; but it did mention that a cheaper connector commonly found at home improvement stores might work just as well.

Shop-Vac 2.5-Inch Gutter Cleaning Kit

Some people prefer to vacuum out gutter debris using a powerful shop-vac, and this kit provides well-designed connectors to achieve this goal. One reviewer praised its wide range of uses and was satisfied with how much easier it made gutter cleaning. Another echoed those sentiments, but opined that it was overpriced and noted that it was necessary to buy a separate adapter for the reviewer’s shop-vac in order to get the attachments to fit.

Gutter Getter Gutter Care and Cleaning Kit

For homeowners who prefer gutter cleaning by hand, this kit provides several tools and attachments to help make the job simpler. It seems to be getting positive reviews; one reviewer said that the kit “does the job,” noting that the rake tool pulled out most of the leaves in one swipe of the gutter. Another person raved about the perfectly-fitting scoop, the telescoping pole that breaks down easily for storage, and the strainers which can be installed in the gutters to catch debris.

Gutter Cleaning Applicator
While scooping out leaves and debris is important, homeowners should not forget about cleaning the outsides of gutters. This applicator is designed to attach to a long pole to wipe off the grime and dirt that accumulates on gutters’ exteriors. No ladder needed! But while one reviewer is impressed with the concept, the homeowner is disappointed that the “tongs” which hold the sponge in place are made of plastic, which can break easily; also, the reviewer laments the lack of rope provided, which prevents the applicator from reaching a home’s second story.

Streak Getter Gutter Cleaner
This solution is supposed to quickly eliminate ugly “streaks” that appear on the outsides of gutters. It also claims to provide better results than standard soap and water. One man who bought Streak Getter commented on how easy it was to use and that his gutters now look as new as the day he bought them. And a woman talks about how she went through three different cleaners before discovering how effective Streak Getter was.

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