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Gutter Helmet®, the provider of the best gutter guard on the market, has been in the industry for years. We understand how risky gutter maintenance can be, which is why we design our gutter protection system to keep your gutters clean and healthy all year round. Here are the features that separate our products from others:

The Gutter Helmet® Difference

Textured Surface

Leaves stay on our gutter guards because of their ribbed surface. The unique, textured design of our gutter protection systems improves surface tension and tensile strength, allowing your gutters to handle heavy rainfall and extreme winds.

PermaLife™  Finish

Our gutter guards also feature a beautiful PermaLife finish. This gives it an anti-corrosive layer, allowing it to perform better under extreme weather conditions. Additionally, its multi-layer paint finish protects it against chalking, fading and the effects of salt water and acid rain. Your gutters stay clean, and their appearance hardly changes for years.

Nose-Forward Design

What makes Gutter Helmet the best gutter guard is our exclusive nose-forward design. Our gutter protection systems feature a specially engineered opening that is only 1/4-inch wide. This ensures that only water enters your gutters, keeping leaves, pine needles and other debris out. These stay on the surface of our gutter guards until they are blown off by the wind.

Premium Engineered Bracket

Supporting our gutter protection system is our premium engineered bracket. Our brackets are made of reinforced aluminum alloy, giving our covers excellent durability. Thanks to these, you won’t have to worry about your gutter guards being blown off by strong winds.

Provide the best gutter protection system for your gutters by turning to Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore. Our professional team can ensure the proper installation of our products to help maximize your investment. Call us today at (866) 333-8150 to schedule a consultation. We serve Salisbury, Maryland and the surrounding areas.