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In a recent blog, we shared what makes a downspout extender one of the most effective solutions to prevent basement flooding. Homeowners who have long struggled with damp, musty basements and crawl spaces are often amazed to learn that adding an extender to their downspouts – which moves snowmelt and rainwater that drains from the roof farther away from the foundation – can be a quick and easy fix.

The Downsides of Downspout Extenders & Some Corresponding Solutions

However, for many homeowners, a long piece of guttering stretching out onto a well-manicured lawn is an eyesore – not to mention inconvenient when it comes time to mow the lawn. For those who want to conceal a downspout extender or simply make it less inconvenient, here are five clever solutions.

  • Hinged extensions. Some extenders feature a hinge where it connects to the downspout, which allows you to flip the extension up when you need to mow the lawn or just want to allow foot traffic to flow more freely.
  • Collapsible vinyl extensions. A roll-up vinyl attachment is another possible solution. This connects at the base of the downspout and automatically extends when there’s water draining. Another benefit is that it’s not prone to dents like metal.
  • Underground pipes. By extending the downspout into an underground pipe, you can hide the extension and direct water to a less conspicuous area.
  • Drainage swales. You can also conceal gutter drainage as a landscape swale – a ditch which looks like a creek bed or grassy meadow that allows water to drain away gradually. A drainage swale can also serve as an attractive landscaping feature.
  • Rain garden. A rain garden is a shallow trench filled with water-loving plants. By building a rain garden, you’ll be able to divert water runoff into a pretty planting bed where it will be naturally filtered. The water will then absorb slowly into the surrounding soil.

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