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The Debris-Filtering Efficiency of Gutter Helmet®

By December 19, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

To ensure that your gutter system lasts, it’s important that you take proactive measures in maintaining it. A reliable way of keeping your gutters in top form is by installing an efficient gutter protection system.

Debris-Filtering Efficiency

Mr. Fix-It™ offers Gutter Helmet®, a top gutter cover in Ashland, Virginia. It features an exceptional design that lets it filter out debris.

Reliable Design

Gutter Helmet works by following the principle of surface tension. Its nose-forward design keeps out leaves, twigs, and pine needles, keeping your gutter system free of debris. Since this system has no vertical openings, debris falls to the ground and away from your home’s foundation.

Meanwhile, its curved edge extends past the gutter to let rainwater to flow freely into a 3/8” wide slit. Gutter Helmet’s ribbed surface then ensures added water tension and tensile strength, allowing it to withstand heavy downpour, snow loads, and extreme winds.

Prevents Different Issues

Installing our efficient gutter cover in Ashland, Virginia, can prevent problems associated with clogged gutters. They include:

  • Risky and Tiring Maintenance – While cleaning your gutters keeps them in good shape, it is a difficult and time consuming process. With Gutter Helmet, however, you have the assurance that it will eliminate the need to clean your gutters. This will keep you from having to climb up your roof, putting yourself at risk.
  • Structural Damage – Water that overflows from your gutter system due to clogging can cause massive water damage to your home’s overall structure over time. Furthermore, accumulated debris can weigh down your gutters and even cause them to collapse, potentially leading to unplanned repairs and even accidents. Since our gutter protection system filters out debris permanently, you no longer have to worry about clogged gutters.
  • Animal/Insect Infestation – Unmaintained gutters tend to attract insects and animals into making the system their home. With our gutter cover installed, you don’t have to worry about these creatures infesting your system at all.

While Gutter Helmet’s nose-forward design plays a key role in keeping your gutter system clog free, its components contribute to its overall performance. Count on Mr. Fix-It to provide you with our reliable gutter protection system. Call us today at (866) 985-9437 for more information about Gutter Helmet.